Yoga G – Top 10 things you need to know

Hi lovely reader. If you are thinking of starting Yoga or have been practising for a long time, here are my precious experience morsels!

  1. BREATH IS EVERYTHING! – any good teacher will tell you that letting your breath lead your practise is the key. Your ability to connect deeply to yourself is through your breath. Your breath tells you everything about your bodily state from stress to peace. Learn breath work well!

  2. POSTURE WORK (ASANA) IS 3RD ON THE LIST – behind breath work (pranayam) and meditation. Cutting shapes on the yoga mat is nothing without connection to yourself and a steady mind. It becomes mere fitness otherwise.

  3. BE SAFE – safe alignment of joints and looking after our bones must be a priority. Yoga is not a cure all and you can wear and tear and injure joints if you are not mindfully aware of your body in practise.

  4. STEADINESS & EASE – If I can call it ‘goals’ for the purpose of this blog, then Sukham/Sthira (steadiness/ ease) would be it. Aiming to bring yourself into harmony with the breath and doing asana (posture work) at the same time feels like heaven in my experience!

  5. BE PRESENT – don’t you hear that a lot? It means be fully aware in the moment of what you are doing. Use your breath to guide you and notice how much you see/hear/taste in every moment. It will bring a richer experience.

  6. BODY TALK– mostly people’s minds lead their practise which can mean pushing your body for the sake of copying someone else in class for example. Mind lead practise doesn’t give you the most benefits. Let your body guide you through. LISTEN to the AMAZING physical creation that you are.

  7. TRANSLATE IN CLASS – as teachers we have to give a broad range of instruction and not all of it will make sense in your body, SO take what makes sense, ask your body if there is a fit and then throw the rest away. YOUR Yoga is the best yoga!

  8. DE-TENSION! – there is so much potential to gain tension in our bodies with how we live so when you practise yoga, sure get into postures, but don’t hold rigidity in your joints and ligaments. Be fluid and free and easeful.

  9. MIND WORKOUT – the toughest part of yoga is mastery of the mind. A LIFELONG process but so worth it to release yourself from mind stories and its habit patterns. My advice is to meditate regularly. Find a method that works for you. We ALL have a responsibility to humanity and the world to work on our own mind shit and Yoga is an incredible way!

  10. HAVE FUN! – don’t take Yoga seriously…NOTHING IS PERSONAL!

If you want to do more Yoga with G, then join me in class if you live locally or for my online classes and tips go to Gina Hardy Yoga on You Tube.


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I am a Yoga guide, relationship coach and therapist. My motto for life is 'Live, Learn, Love, Pay it Foward' Pay your wisdom forward, tread lightly on this earth and leave footprints of love. Thank you, you are always loved no matter what. Gx

4 Responses to “Yoga G – Top 10 things you need to know

  • Thank you Gina – great advice and so timely; I have just returned to a class I love after several months’ absence and I had forgotten how wonderful it makes me feel. I come away breathing more deeply walking taller etc, etc – yoga rocks!Hope to experience one of your classes one day – 4 hrs is a bit far at the mo 😉

    • Hi lovely Clare! Thanks for responding. Yes we often get so caught up in the ‘doing of life that we forget ‘being’ on our mat. Yoga is a way of life not just for Christmas. It’s a self rescue mechanism and a place where the intimacy of the self can be felt. Bliss! Good on you. Hope you are well honey xx

  • Hi Gina, such wise words from a master! So happy that you are blogging again. Thank you for shining your light in the world. I can feel it all the way from Canada! Love and blessings, Judy

    • Ahh thanks Judy and so glad you are taking the time to read. Your support is very much appreciated! I love Facebook for our connection. Its a window in which we can share love eh! Huge love and Light for now Gina xxx

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