Senior Hatha Yoga, Surrey UK (+60)

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The Benefits

  1. Helps loosen stiff joints, enabling greater ease of movement, relieving symptoms of arthritis and other joint conditions.

  2. Creates flexibility in the body to allow freedom in body and mind.

  3. Aids deeper and more wholesome sleep through the application of meditation and breathing exercises.

  4. Increased muscle tone, especially for the legs and arms, assisting greater balance and stability.

  5. Improved mental clarity.

  6. Deeper sense of peace and inner calm.

  7. Breathing exercises increase lung capacity, helping to improve asthma or other lung conditions.

  8. Stress reduction through bringing peace and tranquility to the mind.

  9. Improves mood and general well being.

  10. Helps to reduce blood pressure.

  11. An opportunity to get to know other people in the community.

  12. A chance to have fun with other lovely people!


Please bring your own Yoga mat to class. They can be purchased very reasonably in a lot of major stores nowadays. Pillows and blankets are supplied for relaxation, meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises). Blocks and straps are also supplied to assist you in your Yoga posture work.

What to wear

Comfy long pants and a t-shirt. Nothing too restrictive or too tight fitting. Ladies please wear bras that are not under wired or tight in any way, because they can cause restriction when doing postures or breathing exercises. Please avoid jeans or similar trousers with tight waistbands and zips. During practice it is advisable to remove all jewellery so there are no restrictions to movement or damage to precious rings or necklaces. 

General things to be aware of

Yoga requires you to sit and lie on the floor during class, so if you have trouble getting up or down from the floor this may not be the class for you.

Please come along 5 mins before the class starts. Late attendance may disturb the initial relaxation time of others students.


Linda teaches 2 classes at Old Coulsdon Bowling Club, 81 Coulsdon Road, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2LD on a Thursday morning.

Class times : 9:15am to 10:30am AND 10:45am until noon

Cost: Per class £8.00  

Please email or call to see if there are any spaces, as we are very popular classes!