A retreat – the perfect answer to your next time out

RetreatingIMG_0997 is the new buzz word to replace the traditional holiday. It’s SUCH an essential piece of time well spent, to maintain balance in a world which let’s face it on some levels, has gone a bit mental in terms of lifestyle and time deprivation.

Have you noticed just how many retreats are on offer online? Gazillions!

SO many people are realising that time out is becoming a necessity rather than a ‘nice to have’ and retreating is a superb response to handling stress and its myriad of conditions.

The plethora of retreats popping up globally is a clear indicator to me that we are just not coping well with the mental ‘break neck’ speed of life. Many people are suffering from an internal disconnect either through fatigue, ill health, broken relationships of many kinds and even whole life breakdowns and wondering in it all ‘what is my life all about?’ You maybe nodding right now 🙂

In the Yoga world, retreating is part of the staple diet of healing the body, mind and spirit. I have been on loads of retreats in the UK, India and am currently on an extended one for the winter in southern Spain.

Retreating for me is ESSENTIAL space to keep connected and truly alive and to check in with how my life is going.

Today I thought I would share with you some of the AMAZING benefits that retreating offers if you haven’t yet done it. And if you have done it before but another break is long overdue, then here are my…



  1. TIME to stop – You get to completely stop your life as you know it. Time, that powerful force that seems so scarce these days, is given to you like a rare gift during retreat. Is ‘needing to stop’ an internal message that’s getting louder for you? Or more importantly are you  ignoring or even procrastinating about why you shouldn’t stop? Don’t regret not listening.

  2. 100% ALL about you  – a retreat takes you away from all of your relationships to focus purely on your well being. No trying, no ‘having to do’ for someone else, no having to meet deadlines or appointments. All pressures lifted to allow the person you want to be to shine through. Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. How perfect is that!

  3. Reflection – having precious time to yourself creates space for you to look at your life. From who is in it, to what you are doing in it, in all areas. Be honest, is this precious life of yours just as you want it? Do you want to change something but never seem to have the space to find clarity and then action? I find that deep appreciation and gratitude are the natural ingredients of reflection, which brings a great deal of happiness in my life and a happy life is a life well lived.. right?!

  4. Press reset – retreating allows the space for balance and harmony. Who are you when you are stressed and how much time does that person spend in your world? A retreat is THE perfect way to allow the kind, loving, compassionate, zesty, alive human being that you naturally are, come through!

  5. Rest – is CRITICAL to your well being. It’s anti-ageing and just sorts out a whole lotta things! When you are fully rested you can see, hear and feel life with so much more clarity and pleasure.

  6. Yoga – yes I know I would say Yoga but YOGA YOGA YOGA! It basically facilitates all of the above and is the perfect way to balance your physical body, your internal physiology and brings endless ways to nurture peace and equilibrium.

If this has set you running to plan a retreat for 2015, think about what you would like to achieve and set the course for some PURE you time. Every aspect of your being will thank you!

I run some perfect little complete weekend retreats on the Isle of Wight, UK. From the Friday to the Monday, you will get all of the above and so much more. Our venue provides the perfect backdrop for this retreat and it sits high on a hill overlooking the magnificence of the ocean. You will be very welcome.  Find out all the details here…….

And if you fancy something a bit more luxurious then how about 1 whole week of you time in this simply stunning place in Lefkas, Greece. Find out all the details here……

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