Reasons to do Yoga – part 3 – Live in Balance

I love the word balance. It seems after this many years on the planet that true happiness really does lie in a balanced life. In balance we can see and run our lives with ease and from that, comes abundant happiness.

Many people have said to me “it’s all about balance” when discussing food, exercise, relationships or whatever.

Balance is the common thread underpinning our lives.

Yoga will bring balance into your life. When I hit my mat, especially if my day is hectic or I feel up high with stressful thoughts, I find balance returning through steady breath work and asana (postures). Even after 10 minutes of just allowing myself the space to practise, I feel totally different. My body feels easeful and I feel any stress draining away.

I often say that Yoga is an awareness delivery system which puts you in touch with yourself so you can feel and see where you are out of balance. Yoga is pure un-adulterated ‘me’ time and a chance to press re-set.

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