Reasons to do Yoga – part 1 – The Best Relationship of your Life

Yoga is becoming more and more main stream these days (music to my ears!) and even the medical profession are recommending Yoga to their patients beyond conventional treatments to rehabilitate and restore. But why take it up in the first place? In this 3 part blog I will give you my perspective on it all and why you may want to give it a go.

I stumbled across my first yoga class in 1994 when my marriage collapsed. I had gone for reasons of finding some inner peace through the emotional disasterscape of losing my husband to an affair after only 6 weeks of marriage. I had lost all sense of balance and no matter how hard I tried I felt scattered, bereft and like I couldn’t live normally again.

The first thing I noticed in class when I started to tear my troubled mind away from it’s catastrophic stories, was that my breath connected me into my body for the first time in months, perhaps years. I had been living in 2 separate places. There was my mind and then there was my body, both fractured ships alone on a sea of disconnectedness.

The lesson I learned from this is that our western world is still mind dominated and that puts us almost entirely in our heads. Life lived from here does cause ill health and huge stress because we essentially refuse to listen to our bodies. Yoga is ALL about your breath which is the bridge to lean your mind away from its incessant thinking. Learning Pranayama (breath techniques) in yoga classes will give you tools to cultivate an AMAZING relationship with your body and what follows is youth, optimum health and a sense of total well-being.

I often say, when I am teaching, that THE BEST relationship of your life is the one between your mind and body. Its health will affect every other relationship you have.

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