It’s time to leave, are you coming?

To be human carries a responsibility. A responsibility for the life you live and the lives you nurture for others. We are part of a ‘collective’ humanity and each of us affect many other people lives every day. We impact them with our personal journey of words and actions but sadly many of us are still so busy getting our needs met at the expense of others and thinking about ‘me’ only.

The time is now dear fellow human sister/brother to make a choice. You are the problem and the solution.

I am sure you have noticed the surge of change that is upon us, politically, economically, environmentally and mentally. It’s global and we are the creators of all of it. This is no co-incidence, it’s necessary to wake us all up. We are being asked to evolve as a collective species for our future survival.

Maybe you are experiencing huge change or supporting others through theirs right now? This is the effect of your part of the Universal wake up call.  On some levels we are all experiencing some kind of discomfort, big or small, even if it’s just a niggle.

We are simply shifting to a new way of being on all levels. Chaos has to be present for a new order to be born. What doesn’t serve us is being taken away, often abruptly. It’s time to change old outdated ways of being and that includes all of us without exception. This starts and ends with our internal lives which are being re-arranged whether we want it or not and it can be mighty uncomfortable.

The choice is this. Do you carry forward your history to repeat it in your children and those around you, or not? To carry forward your historical wounds and all your unprocessed, old, dense and embedded negative life experiences seems a heavy burden to bear, but far worse, to pay it forward. It’s precisely this ‘stuff’ that has got us where we are.

A happy well adjusted human creates more love and goodness. An unhappy human is at mental war with themselves, projecting onto others and is not invested in helping us or the planet evolve.

It’s easy to be self righteous and think you are a force for good but if your life and health is gradually breaking down or in turmoil and your relationships are in tatters then it’s time to look  deeper than the surface. What and why are you creating this? Your truth is knocking.

Painful history that isn’t processed sits in us like a dead weight. We have symptoms of fatigue and other physical ailments and yet we plough on papering over the cracks with as many distraction techniques as we can and we have ALOT! Tech, drink, drugs, excessive exercise, sex. The list is endless.

The plea is for you to get real. Heed the messages that are here for you. Peel off the protective layers and turn and face the person who has created this life. You. You create what you experience  100% and you would be surprised at how adept you are at creating a life that supports your historical pain. If you feel unworthy you will be attracting people and life situations that support your unworthiness until you heal it. Seems bonkers but it’s true. But first you must become aware of what you are doing. Nothing has effect unless you have awareness first.

If you are surrounded by drama then maybe you just didn’t get enough attention when you were little and need to create drama to get it. Continuously manifesting dramas which no doubt include the reluctant collaboration of others, isn’t at all healthy and isn’t going to serve you or heal your lack. A small example but sadly a common one. It just won’t cut it anymore to blame others for any of it.

What needs changing? What are you ignoring? Where are you denying the very best life that wants to live through you? Where are you affecting other peoples lives and causing them to live out your problems?

The time is now. Look outside no more, the answers are not there but inside your history.

And finally lets remind ourselves of the song, Man in The Mirror, by the late and amazing Michael Jackson. ‘If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change’

Please help yourself heal and in doing so you help us evolve.

Namaste my friend. I believe in you

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I am a Yoga guide, relationship coach and therapist. My motto for life is 'Live, Learn, Love, Pay it Foward' Pay your wisdom forward, tread lightly on this earth and leave footprints of love. Thank you, you are always loved no matter what. Gx

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