Yoga G Posture Tips – Seated Forward Bends

Following on from back bends, lets look at seated forward bends. Paschimottanasana  in Sanskrit, is a forward bend, done sitting on your butt. It’s one of the 12 core Integral Hatha Yoga postures and is brilliant for stretching your ‘back legs’ i.e hamstrings, calves, Achilles tendons.

As with back bends, the key here is to use the core muscles in your tum to keep your spine safe.

The main ‘pull’ on your back will be from any tightness in your hamstrings, so go careful.

My first Yoga teacher used to say ‘get rid of your bottoms’ which meant, sit and lift each butt cheek backwards and outta the way so you can feel each sit bone touching the floor. This preps the body and lengthens the ‘back leg’ muscles so we can move into the posture.

Mind focus on Yoga is one of the hardest things to achieve with our madly busy lives so you can close your eyes in this posture and feel where there is any tightness in your body using your breath as the guide in letting go any muscular holding.

Breathe and let go…..

Take an inhale breath raise your arms high and lift up out of your waist/pelvis.

Exhaling reach forward and let your hands drop where they land. If you can, grab your big toes with your peace fingers (index and middle).

Keep your spine long, your shoulders relaxed and down and keep soft in your facial muscles.

It’s easy to tense your upper body here so keep relaxed and breathe. Breath is king!

Look forward to your big toes. This keeps the spine long and stops hunching of the upper back.

Breathe your chest towards your thighs. Stay open chested and easeful.

If you have tight hamstrings then don’t rush forward with your upper body, rather work on breathing and stretching the backs of your knees towards the floor initially. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

The last key thing is making sure you bend forward from the pivot of the groin/hip. You get the BEST hamstring stretch from folding from here and pushing the tops of the thighs backwards.


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