Crown chakra meditation station


Crown Chakra Meditation Station

Sanskrit Name:      Sahasrara– ‘thousandfold’

Colour:                      Violet, white, gold

Symbol:                    1000 Petal Lotus

Principle:                Pure being, understanding, consciousness

Element:                 All elements, thought

Desires:                  Understanding, overcome self-limitation, wisdom, knowledge, spiritual connection

Ailments:               Confusion, apathy, overly intellectual, head driven

Location:               Top of head, crown 

Body Parts:          Skull, brain, cerebellum 

Crystals:               Amethyst, Crystal, Topaz, Alexandrite, Sapphire

Essential Oils:     Frankincense, Olibanum, Oakmoss, Lotus

Mantra:                  OM

Yoga poses:

  • Restorative poses like savasana

  • Headstands

  • Half lotus

  • Meditation

If the above resonates with you then this would be the meditation station to choose. Choose with your instinct rather than your head.

How to use

  • This meditation station is designed to create a focus point in your home or wherever you may travel in the world, when you want to meditate or reflect.

  • Place in a quiet space in the house where you meditate or want to begin to. Try to leave it in that part of the house. It helps set s good energy for future stillness.

  • Light the candle and or the incense stick.

  • Set an intention for your meditation or place some gratitude here before you begin.

  • During the day you can add flowers to the tea light holder or the base to bring nature indoors.

What it comes with

  • Tea light holder + tea light

  • Incense sticks

  • Crystals (there maybe an additional cost depending on crystal availability)

  • A slate base rather than a covered plaster of Paris base is an additional £3.


All meditation stations are bespoke. Please contact Gina if you want to create one that would be perfect for you or as a gift.