Couples Yoga Surrey UK

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Couples Yoga with Gina has been developed for couples at all stages of their relationship with the sole aim of nurturing intimacy on new levels between people who want to connect in a deeper, more meaningful way.

The beauty of non-verbal dialogue, through physical re-connection, can ease any pain inflicted by too many words if you are in conflict. You may just want to rekindle some of the magic from your early days or find a new way to spend quality time together.

In silence and through movement with touch and holding, you can experience direct dialogue, heart to heart. with your honey. Here your mind can no longer sabotage the relationship and you will find a much deeper and fulfilling connection together.

Many postures in your Yoga session require commitment and support from the other and you can quickly become aware of the nature of your relationship on all levels. Doing Yoga together can change perspectives and some people experience a shift in conditioning during practise which can create dynamic and much needed change.

Book couples Yoga 1:1 – £125  


Private 1:1 class

You can book a private 1:1 class with your partner as a one off gift or regular practise. Gina will travel to your home if you live within a 20 mile radius of Croydon, Surrey UK and teach a structured session. By working together you will take a journey into deeper connection and love. It is beautiful to watch when people find happiness on levels they never knew existed!

Thank you so much for the Valentine’s Day couples Yoga class, Steve and I had really good fun and it was a really good opportunity for us to switch off together without the worry of a ‘to do’ list and just have a relax and a giggle together.
Gemma, Dorking, Surrey 


Why it’s great for your relationship

  1. Deeper Trust – Posture work requires varying degrees of letting go and relying on your partner to support you as you both move through the sequences. Trust is essential in knowing that your partner is going to be there to help you get into and out of the postures. Practise trusting and you will find greater benefits in daily life.

  2. Bonding – Some of the breathing exercises require you to sit side by side or back to back with your beloved. The simplicity of feeling the aliveness of the other person as they breathe, can be deeply profound. Just feeling each other’s heart beat brings you to a state of “non-mind” awareness and will allow heart centred communication to flow.

  3. Connection – How well do you know your partner’s body? Couples Yoga will help you explore the deeper aspects of physical union and will help you notice your partner in different ways. This can lead to a greater ability to listen with intent and communicate with the heart rather than the head. Such a joy!

  4. Fun – Couples yoga is so much fun and provides a platform of bringing joy back into your lives. Laughing is a great way to relieve stress and tension and can make problems seem far less important.

  5. Greater Intimacy – Couples who experience disconnection at a sexual level during a difficult phase of their relationship can often feel pressure to perform when they don’t really feel close. Yoga can break down this barrier by creating a non threatening environment in which to explore each other without it having to lead to sex. With couples looking for deeper connection, Yoga can and will help you improve your sex life.

  6. Balance – Postures require balance in order to work properly, therefore you experience greater awareness of what it takes to create balance in your relationship. Having practised with friends and my boyfriend I am always aware of how balanced I am inside and out.

  7. Communication – Expressing your needs is a sign of strength and by articulating where you need to be held or placed in Yoga, will help you talk to your partner in a different way.

Book couples Yoga 1:1 – £125


Gina lives near Croydon, Surrey UK and will travel into London or within a 20 mile radius of her home for an additional £20 to cover her petrol or travel expenses. She will travel further but travel costs will be additional. Please call to discuss.

Alternatively Gina has the use of 2 studios locally. There is an additional fee of £25 per session to cover hire costs.