Coaching for Mental, Emotional, Physical well being 

We live in a human body and with a mind and yet we rarely take time to know ourselves any deeper than the surface. This ultimately drives how we build and direct our lives. Suffering is often the only time we are made to take a longer look at what’s going on inside.

Exploring this area and giving yourself a regular internal mental and emotional MOT ought to be like check ups at the dentist, essential to maintain on going wholistic health.

Who you are right now is a mixture of past childhood and adult experiences, processed and unprocessed, driving who you think you are and yet it often holds you back from having the relationships and careers/businesses you want and truly deserve.

A well known analogy is that of the iceberg. Your identity (the ice above the water) is constructed from birth, from your responses to what you have experienced in childhood, at school and with your parents and peers etc. That created the deep internal world (the greater mass of the iceberg below the water) rich with stories and beliefs you have created about how life has panned out. Anything unprocessed will still be alive in you and will affect your responses to people and situations. Time doesn’t heal this stuff. Beliefs, core wounds and unprocessed history makes up our subconscious mind. This is the stuff that drives your successes and failures and can make you repeat old worn out patterns in business and relationships that you really need to shed, because it doesn’t serve you or your mission in life.

It’s a brave move to take a look at your delicate internal existence, but diving in really can change your life if you are willing to do the work. This will help you access the truth and wisdom in your body so you can live life in a more aligned and healthy way on all levels.

Coaching with Gina will include a combination of speaking to understand what is going on and Yoga and healing (if necessary) to allow your body and emotions do the talking. What you are still holding onto will be present in your body and emotional makeup and your mind patterns and stories are keeping it alive. True healing comes from allowing the past to surface so you can alchemically let it go for good.

This is not traditional psychology but essentially a body lead process which means that the story of why you are in pain or experiencing any particular negative emotion, isn’t often required in the session unless it naturally arises.

The session will last approximately 2 hours after a 20 minute initial consultation on the phone. Gina will visit your home, if it is within a 25 mile radius of Croydon, Surrey UK. Travelling expenses are additional.

Gina also does sessions on Skype if you live in another part of the world, however with the internet and technology what it can be, the session is slightly cheaper. Skype sessions have proved to be very useful to clients as Gina regularly does Yoga 1:1 online with clients.


Coaching ‘in person’ two hours:      £125


Coaching on Skype:       £85