Be The Person You Want to Attract

Hi, I’m ‘awake.’ Are you? Spiritual awakening is rather like being allowed to create your own spaceship and fly wherever you want to be. Yes a tough road once you turn on yourself and take a good look. What do YOU see ? I saw myself generally as a good person a good few years ago, kind, loving, generous of heart, great friends and family but I had a few challenges…none more troublesome than trying to find the right man ! I had been given a great challenge from birth and little did I know at that time, that it would bring be the greatest pleasure but the most intense pain. Its been a long and at times, arduous road but last year a light bulb moment…I get it ! It is all about me. The education process has been quick and miraculous but its taken 25 years of dating and falling to know this…..

Successful attraction looks like this:

1) Self awareness – do you REALLY know what you give off to your partner ?

2) Truth – Yes its about inner truth, look in the mirror and admit who you are at this moment.

3) Forgiveness – The power of your intention to forgive is like making peace with yourself and releasing you and others from emotional chains from the past – essential in moving forward.

4) Acceptance – Make peace and say yeah ” I am who I am and that’s OK!”

5) Growth / Release – start clearing out those mental, emotional, spiritual closets and see how the power of personal change will de-clutter your life from all the people and things that don’t serve you.

6) Becoming You – this will be the result, a happier healthier you in a deep sense of peace and love.

7) Attract – Which partner do you want in your life ? Whatever you want, BE it first. You want trust, be trust worthy. You want honesty, be honest. Its simple… attracts like, it’s one of the Laws of the Universe.

Blessings and love

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I am a Yoga guide, relationship coach and therapist. My motto for life is 'Live, Learn, Love, Pay it Foward' Pay your wisdom forward, tread lightly on this earth and leave footprints of love. Thank you, you are always loved no matter what. Gx

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