Yoga G Practise Tips – Standing Back Bends

It’s a myth that Yoga is a cure-all for your ailments both physically and emotionally IF you don’t have FULL awareness of what you are doing during your practice. But that in itself with our ‘monkey minds’ often not being present on the mat, is work in progress!

Back issues can hinder our lives and leave us compensating in all sorts of ways. Back bends can benefit you greatly whether you have a back complaint or not and keep your spine flexible, strong and healthy.

So here’s my TOP 10 for doing mindful standing back bends whether just doing one in an isolated way or as part of a sun salutation or other sequence :

  1. How do you feel before you do a back bend? Is your spine up for it today? If not then don’t ..simples!

  2. Stand with feet fully connected to the mat – actually feel your feet in full connection.

  3. Breath and smile and wait til you feel moved to move.

  4. Keep your legs fluid and no locked knees. Keep a micro bend in the knees.

  5. Inhale and lift your arms overhead, palms together, index fingers in steeple grip (pointy upwards!).

  6. CORE CORE CORE – back bends are ALL about supporting your back by developing a strong core. Your spine takes all the weight of your upper body if your tum tum muscles are weak and floppy! Draw your belly button towards your spine and tense your tummy muscles and draw up your pelvic floor (moola bandha). Your pelvic floor is key in ALL standing postures. (More about that to come later).

  7. Breath steady and deep – focus on your breath

  8. 2 KEY THINGS :

    1. From here start to lead with your hips forwards, pushing forward with your bum. This creates a natural back bend without the need to throw your upper body backwards.

    2. As your upper body moves backwards in response to your hips moving forwards, really lift up in your arms and hands as though someone was lifting you up towards the ceiling. In other words keep your spine long and lifted as you complete your back bend. This will prevent a crunching down in the lower spine and a feeling of the spine compressing in an uncomfortable way.

  9. Don’t come away from your breath. Keep your mind on your breathing.

  10. Only go as far you feel – listen to your body ALL the way and let it lead you.

If you want to do more Yoga with G, then join me in class if you live locally or for my online classes and tips go to Gina Hardy Yoga on You Tube.


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