I am a Yoga guide, relationship coach and therapist. My motto for life is 'Live, Learn, Love, Pay it Foward' Pay your wisdom forward, tread lightly on this earth and leave footprints of love. Thank you, you are always loved no matter what. Gx

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Warts ‘n’ All

You are beautiful no matter what you say ! But do you accept yourself as the saying goes “warts and all ?”. My wish for everyone in a relationship is that they feel safe enough to be authentic every day of their lives, but authenticity requires being real and accepting that we are what we
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Obervation to Preservation

I was inspired today after my hot yoga class, to write about how people really get stuck in to the drama of their emotions. I watched people as they literally fought with their bodies throughout the class, one to deal with the extreme temperatures which were well over 80 degrees and two, to force their
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Find the Love You Really Want – Why Waste Time ?

I always have a number of topics to write about on the subject of romance and relationships. In fact the list is endless; but one pressing subject I want to chat about as the sunny season of hope springs forth, is that educating your “self” in the art of creating successful relationships is the only
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To Text or Not to Text, that is the question ?

Leading nicely on from my last piece about how to “tool up” to communicate properly in your relationship, I find myself compelled to mention the wonderful world of non-verbal communication, in particular, texting. Daily life seems to cocoon us more and more within the world of laptops and virtual relationships with others and as well
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Are you speaking the same language ?

As spring approaches with the promise of new growth and lighter days and as winter’s grip loses her hold you may well be starting to think about spring cleaning your life. A few people I know are making big changes in their love relationships including some that are ending because they feel they can’t communicate
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Boundaryless or full ?

On this rainy UK Monday, slightly jaded, but ready for another amazing week listening to people talk about their love lives, I feel compelled above other love topics, like relationship MOTs, attachment, desire and even sex, to address another fascinating arena in our interactions with significant others. Boundaries. Do you have them ? But more
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Your Relationship Space – Bombed or Bliss ?

Welcome to the month of love ! I hope you are feeling loved and are approaching 14th February with excited anticipation. How does your relationship look ? Your relationship consists, you may think, of just you and your partner, but in therapy terms the “relationship” is often referred to as the  “space” between you which
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Is it Time to Move On or is it Just Your Stuff ?

Having been stranded at home for what seemed like forever while the snow gently settled over Brighton and with a delicious amount of time to ponder and reflect and talk to friends and clients on the phone, it struck me that there is a distinct difference between knowing when to throw the towel in and
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