I am a Yoga guide, relationship coach and therapist. My motto for life is 'Live, Learn, Love, Pay it Foward' Pay your wisdom forward, tread lightly on this earth and leave footprints of love. Thank you, you are always loved no matter what. Gx

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Understanding Breaking Up

Have you ever suffered the emotional knifing of a relationship breakup? Why does it hurt so damn much? Why don’t we say “NEXT!” and smile joyfully as we trip down the road to the Plenty More Fish shop? The sudden and aching void that forms when your honey, who you thought was your only soul
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Come Fly With Me!

Inspired by having coffee at the beach with my beloved’s sister today I felt urged to share my thoughts on where I feel “we are at” in life, the Universe, the here and now, or whatever you choose to call it, in terms of our relationships. This mini blog is an instigator and prodder of
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He Won’t Talk!

Oh so frequently I hear the cry in girlie gatherings “I feel like I don’t know him, he just won’t talk about his feelings!” Ladies, is this your mantra now or maybe in days gone by? I know I have been there and put myself through painful coercion techniques often born out of desperation because
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Tit For Tat!

Does your relationship slip occasionally or frequently into the tit for tat spat? Don’t you just loathe it! You say something, which granted may not be languaged that well, and your honey beautifully deflects the perceived criticism that’s about to land like a fly, by pointing out that, in their opinion, you do the same
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The Art of Knowing Myself

Art is something personal don’t you think? We are all born with the ability to create and become an artist in whatever discipline we choose. None greater than being your own artist discovering the lifelong shape of who you are. That means always being willing to know and learn about you. It is without exception
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Together for Their Sake

Staying together for the sake of the kids. A very emotive subject but one I feel compelled to write about. Firstly, I’m not a parent so don’t shoot me down with the “well what would she really know, she doesn’t have kids.” I hear you but I was a child with parents who existed in
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What Does Your Shop Front Say About You?

If you were to paint a picture of who you are on the inside, what would you look like? Most of us spend too much time making the best of our outer facade which is just “dressed” skin, muscle and bone structure at the end of the day. We are perceived blessed by media hype
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How emotionally mature are you in love?

Most of my lovely couples come to me in relational angst when their bag of long standing coping “tools” has run aground and they have nothing left with which to communicate their feelings and needs in a healthy way. Many couples just cope, rather than experience deeply fulfilling and nourishing relationships, because they feel, it’s
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