I am a Yoga guide, relationship coach and therapist. My motto for life is 'Live, Learn, Love, Pay it Foward' Pay your wisdom forward, tread lightly on this earth and leave footprints of love. Thank you, you are always loved no matter what. Gx

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It’s time to leave, are you coming?

To be human carries a responsibility. A responsibility for the life you live and the lives you nurture for others. We are part of a ‘collective’ humanity and each of us affect many other people lives every day. We impact them with our personal journey of words and actions but sadly many of us are
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Yoga Nidra – meditation for the soul

I adore Yoga Nidra as the perfect way to take the mental 21st century western mind and give it space to relax, unwind, undo and focus away from incessant thinking. We are literally taken over by our minds these days. We are stuffed full to the brim with thoughts. Even in dream state our mind
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Understanding female jealousy

I have wanted to blog about this subject forever. Female jealousy. After the start of my new self growth course this last weekend, I am now in a place where I want to step up into my personal God given power. My course tutor, Andrew Wallas, calls it my magnificence but I also feel the
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Keeping it real. When self growth can medicate rather than heal you

Language is inadequate really to describe ‘real’ because my spiritual friends may say ‘well there it no such thing as ‘real’ because all of life is an illusion.’ I get that and that may very well be the case, but when I open my eyes in the morning, there is a bed, a window, walls,
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Accepting your dark days as an essential part of life

We all have a dark side. Yeah you do and so do I. I call it this because I don’t want to use positive psychology to try and mask it. That would be like demanding daylight 24/7! It is painful and sometimes ugly in varying degrees of intensity, but very much part of you and
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Having a midlifer – why it’s not a crisis

I couldn’t have ordered it better if I tried. Bang on my 50th year and I find myself deep into a midlifer as I now call it. WTF? How did that happen? (LOL as I write this). I have been aware of the term ‘midlife crisis’ for years and when I was younger thought  ‘nah
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Tension won’t go just by doing Yoga

Tension, we live with it like an annoying friend. It’s created by the mind but shows up in the body in the form of tightness in areas like neck and shoulders, chest and pelvis. Where do you hold tension? Think of what normally creates it and where you hold that stress. Tension is another name
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Your Natural Rhythm

We have been medicated by noise, distraction and a million opportunities to think about new things for so many years now, that we have forgotten when it all started. And then there is worrying about the future and being held back by thoughts of the past. We have so little head space for listening to
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