About Gina


Hello fellow life traveller,

welcome to Gina’s site which is simply about sharing, teaching and learning from each other about love, life and health.

Gina is a self confessed self preservationist and that doesn’t mean selfish, but just that you put your mental, emotional & physical health and well being at the top of your list, then you will be able to live abundantly in all areas of your life.

Gina is a Yoga teacher, relationship coach and complementary therapist and an ex long termer in the UK aviation project world.

She lives a slower much simpler, but experientially rich life these days, with as little stress as possible and she keeps her life at a pace where she can appreciate the little things, like a good cup of green tea and the sunset. She believes to maintain balance in an ever increasing speedy life, we must slow down and declutter the mind and body  

She is 100% happier than when she was chasing down the next corporate job and living too fast and because essentially freedom is her leading value. 

Gina felt burn-out coming fast in 2004. She felt she was on the verge of total physically melt down after a mysterious ear virus which she then coped with for many years afterwards. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong but Gina knew it was a BIG sign to change life as it was. It really frightened her because she knew that her body had had enough, so it lead her in the direction of complementary therapies and spiritual development which transformed her understanding of her body and her life.

In 2008 after 15 of years practicing various styles of Yoga Gina decided to train as a teacher to deepen her understanding of Yoga’s incredible benefits.

Gina has developed a very sound way of teaching Yoga based on her own direct experience. She focuses on safe movement and natural alignment of the body’s joints. Please go her ‘Yoga/styles’ page to find out the types of Yoga she teaches. Also check out her You Tube channel (Gina Hardy Yoga) which has over 70 mini Yoga classes, tips and posture advice.

To add to that, after a very long 25 years of having essentially un-fulfilling relationships with men, Gina had a life changing moment with Imago Relationships International. Hugely valuable education and learning on how relationships of all types really work. 

Her story  with men is a long one and it may strike chords with you. Gina’s been there, seen it and done it in relationships and has an uncanny (sometimes annoying for some!) knack of just knowing, in an instant, what’s going on in peoples relationships. 

A woman of many skills and talents and a big life story,  Gina now spends her days paying forward what she knows to help people learn to truly connect to themselves, their truth and to live a life of meaning, through Yoga, coaching, relationship education and healing.

She wants to help you access the true authentic self that lies within you who is creative, wisdomful and receptive.

When she looks at this site she thinks WOW! she has learned so much, traveled so far and has met so many amazing people on a quest to lead a more conscious, healthy and fulfilling life.

She looks forward to meeting you someday perhaps in a coaching session, Yoga class or on retreat or just as a fellow human being and friend.