Private 1:1 Yoga

1to1Private classes & 1:1 Yoga

Whether complete beginner or improver or if you are recovering from an injury/operation, Gina offer’s you 1:1 focused attention to help you build confidence with a tailored Yoga programme to suit your body structure and emotional preferences.

If you are thinking of starting Yoga or just need to know some more stuff about your practise but don’t know where to start, please ask Gina. 





People new to Yoga often join a local class and just start doing Yoga postures but lack, early awareness of how to practise safely and the right amount of anatomical instruction to educate you about your body. It’s surprising how many people don’t understand the workings of their body!

Gina will take you on a 2 hour 1:1 journey that will set you up perfectly for continuing in class or at home in your private space. Here’s what you will experience.

  1. Learn about your body – Understand your anatomy in relation to your postures.

  2. Understand how to develop the Yoga postures for your body, not how your body ‘should’ fit into the posture.

  3. Gina’s top 10 best tips for a safe and aligned practise.

  4. Learn how to listen to your body and move in Yoga asana (postures) with ease and without struggling. This is an important factor when you go to classes or practise at home.

  5. Take away a complete well balanced Yoga programme that you can do at home or anywhere.


If you have a well established practise and go to class often but have plateaued, or want to know how to improve in particular postures or you have a physical issue that you can’t seem to improve within your existing practise, then please do book a 2 hour 1:1 session with Gina. You will:

  1. Gain a different perspective on your practise.

  2. Establish whether your existing practise is helping or hindering you i.e. you maybe doing postures that don’t fit with your body or are maybe adding to wear and tear of your structure.

  3. Gain knowledge and tips for a better more wholesome practise based on Gina’s top essentials for Yoga  a. Safety  b. Alignment  c. Understanding your anatomy.


After an injury / post op 

Beyond the surgeon, doctor or osteopath you maybe wondering what comes next if you are still nurturing a physical injury or post operation site. You may not be ready to go back to your Yoga class but may have been recommended to start Yoga to get you fit and strong again. Here’s where 1:1 Yoga sessions with Gina come into their own. They will give you the following:

  1. A complete assessment of where you are now in your body and what range of movement you have and would like to have in the future.

  2. Advice for safe movement and tips on what postures would work now and for the future, to give you back flexibility, ease and happiness in your own skin again!

  3. On going phone support should you need it.